The Lord of the Rings
  • PowerLeveling Commitments

    1 All work is handmade by our members who are experienced players for years. After receiving your order, we will start to level your character within 1-2 hours. We promise to finish your orders on time (usually ahead of time ) without compromising the quality. Your account will be very safe with us.
    2 For the sake of safety, we recommand that you change the password to a temporary one before submitting your account. When your order is complete, you can change it back.
    3 We will keep everything that we get in your baggage and update your gears according to the circumstance during our powerleveling
    4 While leveling your character, our players often keep silent or act as AFK when playing. So you don't worry that our staff will reveal the leveling service to your friends. Also, We will not conflict with other players in the game.
    5 It is highly recommanded that don't logon your account during the powerleveling process. If you really want to play, please contact us through live chat and we will arrange it for you ASAP. Plus, if you have changed your password, please notice us in time.
    6 Please contact us by live-chat or email if there's any question and we will try our best to serve you.

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