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WotLK Paladin Leveling
From:Internet      intime:4/20/2009

Paladin is one of the most versatile class in World of Warcraft, that is why so many players choose to play with them. Unfortunately, their leveling speed is still a little slow, but nowadays, it is much faster, than it used to be.  In the recent patches, Blizzard gave enough damage dealing abilities to paladins so leveling is not painful. Besides, paladins can easily solo group bosses due to their numerous defensive and healing spells.

Talents & Gear

One of the main responsibilities of a good paladin leveling guide is to determine the right equipment and talent build for leveling. In case of paladin choosing the right talent tree is really easy. Obviously, the best talent tree for leveling is the Retribution due to its damage dealing abilities.  I recommend you to get all the key talents, like Seal of Command, Vengeance, Crusader Strike and Divine Storm.  Getting the right equipment for your paladin can be really tough sometimes, because there are so many statistics, which is important for you. For leveling your first priority is to increase both your mana efficiency and your overall damage.  So, the most important statistics for you the strength, then intellect and the critical strike rating. It is recommended to get one or two point of intellect for every fourth point of strength you gain. While, these advice can be really helpful, I recommend you to get a professional leveling guide, which will drastically increase your leveling speed.

But what makes a good paladin leveling guide?

First of all, I should point out, that a universal leveling guide is much better than a paladin leveling guide, since a universal guide can be used with any race and class. A professional universal guide contains all the information, which is important  for paladin leveling. For example, it will tell you exactly how to spend your talent points. Besides,they are no longer guides in PDF format but in-game guides, so you don't have to alt+tab out the game to check what the guide says. These professional leveling guides are now fully automated, which means that they automatically choose the best quest for you and gives a step by step instructions on what to do. Furthermore, the most advanced ones put an arrow in the middle of your screen always pointing toward the right direction. Virtually, you cannot get lost.