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Gold Farming - 3 Tips to Make a Lot of Gold in WoW
From:Internet      intime:4/19/2009

In the game World Of Warcraft or more commonly known as Wow, getting more gold has become very popular. In the beginning, gold farming can seem to be a never ending nightmare but as time passes and you become a more experience player and start making a lot of gold. Fortunately, there still are tips for gold farming if you are a newbie in the game. Here are a few tips to make a lot of gold in Wow without breaking a nerve.

The first tip is that in order to be a successful gold farmer, you will need to pick the right job because this can make a very big difference one you are a higher level. Some good picks are skinning, herbalism and one that is becoming more and more common, mining.

The second tip is that you should always remember that you should trade as much as possible! It is the same principle as in real life and so before making up your mind you have to think about it because you do not want to regret the decision in the future and say "if only I had..." But just like any other human being, it is very possible that you make an error once in a while and instead of beating yourself up for it, think of it has a treat. Why? Well because in the future, you will not make that mistake again.  

The third is to have a sharp eye because if ever you see something that is being sold at a very cheap price, you should buy it and sell it for more. Always keep the following sentence in your head "buy low, sell high". This will make you an expert gold farmer.