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WoW Leveling Mod - Ultimate Leveling in WotLK
From:Internet      intime:4/11/2009

A few months ago World of Warcraft leveling guides in PDF format were very popular, but nowadays, a WoW leveling mod provides a better solution. Please note, that these mods will drastically increase your leveling speed, so if you want to discover everything, then these mods are not for you.

What is an add-on?

Mods, or add-ons are little programs, which change a particular aspect of the game. But only on the client side. So, you can change certain elements of your user interface but you cannot cheat. There is a lot of popular add-on, like Cartographer or Gatherer.

WoW leveling mods are those add-ons, which are designed to increase your leveling speed. These mods are actually, in-game leveling guides. They are similar to a normal leveling guides, as they tell you everything you need to know, but they are fully automated.

How does a WoW leveling mod work?

They are similar to a GPS, which can be found in cars. They show you all the time your exact location and your current destination. Virtually, you cannot get lost. It puts an arrow in the middle of your screen, pointing to the right direction. Most leveling mods are completely automated, which means, that they automatically choose the best quest for your current level and give you exact instructions on what to do. The most advanced leveling guides provide you secret leveling tips, which can further increase your leveling speed. There is, usually, and upgraded quest log, which automatically jumps to the next quest, when you finish your current quest.

If you want to enjoy the high-end content of the game as soon as possible, I recommend you to get an automated WoW leveling mod instead of a normal PDF leveling guide. An in-game leveling add-on is much more accurate, it shows everything in real-time and you don't have to alt+tab out the game to check what the guide says. A good World of Warcraft leveling mod will save you from hours of frustration and with the help of it you will get level 80 in no time.