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5 Tips to Find Cheap Power Leveling Service For WoW
From:Internet      intime:4/5/2009

Ever since the inception of World of Warcraft players has scoured the internet to get an edge on the competition. Over the past couple of years, one of those ways come in the form of services that will level your character for you. However, finding the cheapest power leveling service is not as important has finding the right one. This is because there are many methods that are used to power level a player and if not done right your account could get banned.

Your Account Security

Warcraft account theft is a very real problem. So it is in your best interest to take that into consideration before letting someone power level your character for you. This is a good reason to stick with the major players of WoW service provider industry. Stick with sites that have been in business for a long time. The top websites have been doing business since WoW went live. The major websites will never ask you for your Master ID account information or your date of birth. The only information you should need to provide is the password to level your character. This will give you some peace of mind about the security of your full account.

Keep your Confidentiality

A good portion of sites offering very cheap power leveling for WoW/ WOTLK do so in a fairly reckless manner. Meaning they just get you leveled as fast as they can without much care to confidentiality. A professional service will only talk to characters under the website's control and avoid at all costs talking to anyone else. They have protocols in place in case an unavoidable run-in happens. The master leveler working with your character usually tells them they are a friend or relative playing your character. They also allow you to give details on how you may want them to deal with those situations. This is a nice benefit to sticking with the top notch professional power leveling websites.

Low prices Vs. Cheap Service

Always stick with services that offer a direct service. This means their master levelers are in-house and not contracted independent players. This insures they have a more positive control on service quality as well as the ability to keep low competitive prices. Some sites that offer some unbelievably low prices that are way below normal industry prices should be throwing up red flags in your head. Saving a few bucks is never worth getting your account banned.

Avoid Sites with Hidden Costs

Another common practice low quality leveling services are famous for is using up your assets to level your character. A safe cheap power leveling service will always inventory your equipment and use there own assets to level your character and then return everything back to you. Some bad sites will keep everything from drops for themselves. This may not seem like a cost but in the end it is actually costing you and you can add that cost to your original payment and now what seemed like the cheapest power leveling service ended up costing your more.

Track your Character's Progress

The best power leveling sites will always allow you to track your character's progress. Normally they will allow you to specify a time that you want to play with your character. This is a time for you to track progress and see where your money is going as well as a time to meet up with friends. You can also get a feel for your new powers.