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The Shortfalls of a Specific Paladin Leveling
From:Internet      intime:3/31/2009

Paladins are one of the more difficult characters to play in World of Warcraft. But that's not entirely true - paladins are actually quite easy to play however there quite difficult to play well.

You can easily play a perfectly mediocre paladin within the game however in order to really take advantage of all of the features and abilities of your class you have to know what you are doing; and that can be rather difficult especially for players who are new to the game. This holds especially true if you attempt to use a generic leveling guide to get your way through World of Warcraft quickly.

Most of these guides are written with the sole intent of getting people through the game no matter what race or class they play. While this is a noble goal it is impractical because every class is played differently and there are some quests that certain classes should simply not attempt if they are hoping to quickly level. For instance you would not want to send a priest on a quest against heavy hitting monsters; similarly you would not want to send a paladin on a quest against monsters that do lots of damage to paladins.

Using a guide that specifically targets individual class and race combinations, like the Zygor leveling guide is a fantastic way to level any of your World of Warcraft characters. Due to the fact that this guide encompass is specific information for all of the classes there is no need to buy a specific paladin leveling guide, and instead you can get this one guide to handle all of your characters needs. This is great if you have more than one character, as most players do, and want to use the information to level all of your alts quickly.