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Free WOTLK Gold Farming Tips - How to Become a Warcraft Millionaire
From:Internet      intime:3/30/2009

To help you on your way and to make sure that you have at least enough gold to pay for your bar bill at the Heroes Welcome (Dalaran), I've put together 5 gold making tips to get you started.

World of Warcraft is by far the most popular MMORPG around today. After five years of being online thousands of new players are signing up every day. These new players are also trying to use old information to learn how to level and farm gold. Most of the gold guides are outdated and do not apply to WOTLK gold farming.

To get you started in the right direction and to build a great foundation for amassing huge amounts of WoW gold, I have put together five free WOTLK gold farming tips you can start using right away.

1. Max Out Primary Professions - By maxing out your primary profession prior to starting WOTLK you will be able to experience Gathering and Crafting at the Grand Master level. Being stuck on Artisan will not do you any good when mining cobalt. The effort would be futile. The same effect of applies to the gathering profession as well when it comes to herbalism and skinning.

2. Max Out Secondary Professions - The same applies to fishing, cooking and first aid. You can level faster by staying in better health which can reduce recovery time from on bout of action to another. Fishing can also help you level your cooking skill. This comes in handy in Dalaran for the Daily Cooking Quest. This has proven to be a hot WOTLK gold farming tip as of lately.

3. Gather then Gather Some More - Gathering is probably the most overlooked WOTLK gold farming tip. For those that have not leveled their Primary Gathering profession try farming meats from the enormous amounts of game found in the starter zones. Humanoids are famous for Frostweave cloth here as well. These sell very well for some very generous profits.

4. Can You Afford To Die? - The gear you acquire in WOTLK is rather expensive and it takes a huge toll every time you die. This can make you go through gold fast and usually is the root cause of most broke players that are stuck farming gold instead of playing the game. Make good on the previous tip and you can avoid dying so easily.

5. Flying - It is important to get this upgrade as soon as available. This is every bit a WOTLK gold farming tip you must take advantage of. On level 77 you can get this upgrade for 1000 gold. This is important for the obvious reason of covering more area in less time. Being able to gather from areas once inaccessible can give you an abundant amount of resources to make a lot of gold fast.