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Death Knight Leveling Guide - How to Level a Death Knight Quickly in WOTLK
From:Internet      intime:2/28/2009

The release of Wrath of the Lich King will mark the first appearance of the never-before-seen Heroic Class in World of Warcraft. Soon, all WoW users the world over will have a glimpse at a Death Knight, as well as a chance of being able to develop one. Simultaneously, these awed onlookers will have no idea whatsoever on how to handle the Death Knight.

Many users fondly remember there first days playing WoW. No matter which class you opted for, chances are you optimistically made your way from area to area, dreaming of the day where your character may reach the all-powerful level 80. Enemies, large and small, fell to your hands, regardless of whether or not you knew exactly what your long-term goal was. You may or may not have started friendships in the game and the peers in your level bracket will be just as clueless as you are. A frustrating process of trial and error is in order for must users until they get the hang of how to play WoW.

Looking back, it's seems impossible that some of the experienced users would under-go such embarrassing growing pains.

For those readying themselves to tackle the WoW universe for the first time as a Death Knight, here is a Death Knight leveling guide to steer you clear of the bumps on the road to becoming an elite user. Some users may consider such guides as being in poor taste, but they either have too much time on their hands and do not mind the tedious, confusing early aspects of the game or they do not have the know-how needed to utilize the guides. If the time is taken to know the ins and outs of the guides, including this one, a new found appreciation of the potential of each class will develop.

Rather than mindlessly slaying creatures to boost your experience bar, you will now have a guide, written from firsthand experience, that will instruct you to the most efficient quests and the quickest method of leveling up. And the faster you can reach level 80, the faster you start preparing for raids.

The best method for improving any character in WoW remains to be questing. Hence, this guide, which makes questing more efficient and less time-consuming will allow you to properly level up in no time at all. No more is leveling up a monotonous chore. Particularly with the Death Knight, leveling up should be enjoyable, so this guide will provide a perfect fit for you and your character.

Outside of questing, another method of leveling up your Death Knight is PVP. And given the addictive nature of PVP, chances are that most people will find themselves practicing this method on various battlegrounds, as opposed to the more traditional questing method. Either way of leveling up is acceptable, and the Death Knight leveling guide will make both methods, methods which were previously a chore, easy and enjoyable.