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Wow WotLK Gold Making-The Most Powerful Tips & Strategies to Make Gold in World of Warcraft!
From:Internet      intime:2/24/2009

The art of making gold in world of warcraft is relatively easy to master, if you follow the right guidelines. Now with the WOTLK (the wrath of the Lich King) expansion the need to make gold fast is even more pressing. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Pick up a good gathering profession: probably the best ones you can choose are:
    • Mining. After the wrath of the Lich King expansion the demand for the stones, ores and gems gathered through mining is outrageous! To farm Mithil and Thorium go to the Burning Steppes and the Un'goro. For Adamantite Ore the best places are the Netherstorm, the Terokkar and the Nagrand. If you decide to prospect Adamantite instead of selling it you can make more than 50g in profit for every few stacks.
    • Herbalism: the best herbs to sell are: Fel Lotus, Mana Thistle, Nightmare Vine, Ancient Lichen and Netherbloom. For Mana Thistle there are some nodes in Outlands and Nightmare Vine drops in Shadowmoon Valley.
    • Skinning is also a profitable profession. You can get very high prices for rare leather like Cobra Scales and Windscales. Cobra Scales drops in Shadowmoon Valley and Nagrand and Windscales can be found in Blade's Edge Mountains. Instead of selling the Cobra Scale for 20g you can buy some mats to make a Nethercobra Leg Armor and earn 200-300g!
  2. Pick a good crafting profession:
    • Alchemy can be used to produce potions that are very needed like healing, mana and invisibility potions. The Elixir of Demonslaying is a best-seller and you can make it with Ghost Mushroom and Gromsblood.
    • Jewelcrafting can be turned into a great source of income through prospecting and gem cutting. Prospecting the highest quality Ore like Thorium and Adamantite will help you make a good profit. As for gem cutting you can charge a small fee for every gem you cut, but prefer only the best selling ones like the Rigid Dawnstone and the Teardrop Living Ruby.
    • Leatherworking can also be quite profitable especially if you don't buy the leathers and do the skinning yourself.