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The Easiest Way to Make Money in WoW
From:Internet      intime:2/19/2009

Having gold problems in World of Warcraft? Can't afford to buy that mount you need, or that piece of equipment you've been dreaming of? There are many ways to make money in WoW, some hard and some easy. I'm going to share with you a very easy way to insure yourself a nice income everyday.

If you are thinking that there has to be a catch somewhere, you're right. You will need to have 1 gathering profession and 1 crafting profession both to maximum level. These professions are mining and jewelcrafting. If you have an epic flying mount or even a normal flying mount you will make nice amounts of gold. What you do is to go to Sholazar Basin and look for Saronite Ore nodes there. If you have one of those flying mounts and you move really fast, you should have about 6 full stacks of the ore in about one hour. You use prospecting on those stacks and you should receive about 4 or 5 rare gems and a bunch of common gems. By selling those through the Auction House or whatever you will make several hundred gold pieces, depending on your server. If you get lucky, you might find some Titanium nodes as well. A single Titanium ore piece costs between 10-15 gold. Gathering a full stack of Titanium will bring you a few hundreds of gold besides the gold you make from the Saronite ore.

That is just one way to make money in WoW easy. I'm sure a gold guide can give you more ways to do it and probably more lucrative than mine. Before getting any guide , thought, you should read some reviews on them. Reading reviews will save you the trouble of buying one that will only waste your time.