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Learn How to Make World of Warcraft Money Using Professions
From:Internet      intime:2/19/2009

Wondering how to make World of Warcraft money easy and fast? Are your low gold reserves pushing you to try on more illegal ways to get some cash? Don't risk the safety of your account buying from gold sellers when you can make it yourself. I will show you how you can make some pretty nice money everyday in a pretty short amount of time.

The first you should do is get 1 crafting profession and 1 gathering profession, these two have to work together. You will learn how to make World of Warcraft money easy without any risk. Here are some examples that work very nice together: mining+jewelcrafting, mining+engineering, enchanting+tailoring. There are more, obviously, but I like these the best. Now I'm going to show you how you can make gold using the first 2 of them.

Mining and Engineering

With engineering you can craft yourself a gas extractor and a pair of goggles with which you can see these gas clouds. You will need a flying mount, preferably the epic one as it's much faster. You pick and area and start looking for mineral nodes to mine and gas clouds to extract the stuff from them. You will gather impressive amounts of materials which you can sell directly and make some nice cash from it.

Mining and Jewelcrafting

You go to the Sholazar Basin, you will need a flying mount here too, if you have epic flying it's even better. You will look for Saronite Ore. In about 1 hour you should have around 6 full stacks of Saronite. If you're lucky enough, you could stumble upon the elusive Titanium ore. After you are done you use prospecting which you have on the jewelcrafting profession to extract several ingredients from the Saronite ore. From 6 full stacks you should get around 5-6 blue items and rest green.

These two methods kept my gold levels up, but if you need more gold, if you want to learn how to make World of Warcraft money faster and in larger amounts then you will need a gold guide. Before going out looking for one make sure you read some reviews about them, to see if they are worth it or not.