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A Very Basic Explantion For the New WoW Druid
From:Internet      intime:2/18/2009

When starting a Druid in the World of Warcraft your first 9 levels are pretty much spent running around killing low level monsters and getting the hang of your basic spells. Over those nine levels you��ll obtain and learn to use some basic offensive, defensive and enhancement (buff) spells. Once your fledgling Druid reaches level 10, however, the real fun begins. At level 10 you gain your first Talent Point and you begin to shape your Druid.

Druid Talents are broken into three main ��talent trees�� which are called Balance, Feral and Restoration. Very basically the Balance Talent Tree focuses on offensive damage dealing spells. The Feral Tree enhances the offensive and defensive abilities of the Druids various animal forms such as Bear and Cat. The Restoration Tree is all about boosting the healing ability of the druid. The three trees are similar to a Mage, a Rogue and a Priest setup respectively.

There are two things to keep in mind for the young Druid when first starting to consider your build. First you may put all of your talent points into one tree or spread them out over two or all three trees. Secondly these are not permanent choices. You may change your build at any time and you will change it probably several times as your character progresses. Don��t get overwhelmed at first but be open to trying lots of different talent builds!

When you hear players in the World of Warcraft talk about their characters�� ��build�� (also called ��spec��) they are referring to the number of points they have placed in each of the three trees. Typically the build will be expressed in a form such as this one �C ��62/0/9�� where the three numbers represent how many talent points are in each of the talent trees. In the above example a Druid would have 69 points in Balance, zero points in Feral and 9 points in the Restoration Tree.

Now, when you begin looking at all the possible variations available to you your head can begin to swim. The first thought I had was, ��I want them all!�� which of course is not possible. What it all comes down to is trade offs. Really take you time to look at each talent, what it will do for you and how often you think you��ll use that talent. As you continue to level up your Druid you��ll get a much better feel for what talents you really want and which are the most useful for you.

At higher levels you may find yourself wanting to tailor your Druids build toward a specific goal or purpose. For example if you are a member of a guild that does 10 or 25 man raids you may wish to change your Druid��s build to fit a very specific role within those raids. Another example is to build a Druid that is very well suited for various Player vs Player (PvP) situations.

I��ve always said that the Druid is the hardest class to play well in the World of Warcraft and this applies to the build choices as well. No other class in the game will experience such dramatic swings in playing style between the three talent trees. Someone who is a master Balance Druid who re-builds over to a mostly Feral Druid will have a really hard time the first several hours! The playing style is so different for different builds that it can feel like a while new character! However while it��s tough to play a Druid well, a well played Druid is a force to be reckoned with.