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Money Making in Warcraft - It is That EASY!
From:Internet      intime:2/17/2009

Lets summarize the average World of Wacraft player in this day and age (WotLK) - rat race to level 80 throughout multiple ganks for us players on PVP servers, failure after failure when pugging instances, PVP, or any group, you name it, and always worrying about how much gold will we need by a certain level for our mounts and repairs.

So trying to keep a nice stack of gold for our epics and epic flyers come level 70 and 77 is not always the funnest experience for us players. Having a high amount of gold is probably the best experience on World of Warcraft you can have because of how much doors it can open, well it may not be true that you need all this gold to have these experiences I would say its very much appreciated by the player and helps save time and effort. To put it like this, you know when you get a little bored at 80 and you think hey I wouldn't mind making a twink but we all know that costs thousands.

Well by already having the skills, knowledge and gold supply you can make one over night, it will save you the time and effort from constantly doing dailies, putting professions on farm and joining the heard as you already have the phat stack of gold needed! So if you are a World of Warcraft player looking to enjoy this game as much as I do it isn't that hard and it's all about putting in the time and effort to learn the tips and skills needed to make endless amounts of gold in a matter of hours.