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How to Level a Death Knight Quickly in WOTLK
From:Internet      intime:2/16/2009

For the first time ever the Heroic Class in World of Warcraft will be release with WOTLK. Soon millions of people around the world will have their first look at a Death Knight and have the opportunity to create and level one. At the exact same moment those millions of people will have absolutely NO clue on how to do it.

Can you remember back to when you first started playing WOW? As an Orc I remember my first starting area and how I darted back and forth from quest to quest all in the hopes of someday leveling to 70. I can remember killing pigs and other orcs and really not having any sense of direction. I didn't know anyone in the game and most of the people in my level bracket were also first time players which often to a clueless guide trying to show me something he had no clue of. Often times I found myself out gunned in the middle of a canyon only to have to walk back to my corpse and attempt 1 or 8 more times to kill my first world "boss". Oh Fizzle how I hate you till this day. In fact when I'm having a bad day sometimes I'll ride from Org and go kill him to brighten my spirits.

Thinking back at how clueless I was when I first started leveling in a world unknown to me really placed a knot in my stomach.

Now that I think about leveling a Death Knight I find myself relieved to know that my Death Knight leveling guide is there to help. Some might think of this as cheap or cheating...I personally don't see how wandering aimlessly will help me appreciate my Death Knight anymore. In fact I think a Death Knight leveling guide does the exact opposite; I think it will help me to appreciate the full nature of my Death Knight and get a more enjoyable time out of leveling.

Now instead of wondering where to go next or looking at my experience bar and thinking, "perfect only X-million more experience points and I'll be level 71". Now I can focus on enjoying the quests set out before me and leveling my Death Knight in an enjoyable fashion; hitting level 80 quickly so I can start gathering gear and setting up for raids.

Questing is still the optimal method for leveling any character in WOTLK and as such anything that can help you achieve those quests in a more timely and efficient manner is well worth looking into. Death Knight leveling doesn't have to be a mystery or a time of frustration. Death Knight leveling should be a thing of enjoyment and a Death Knight leveling guide is the perfect means to a perfect ends.

PVP will also offer a means of leveling a Death Knight as now you will be able to get experience from battlegrounds and as battlegrounds can be addicting I suspect many people will find themselves leveling via PVP as opposed to the traditional method of questing.
In the end I believe questing will still make the most sense for leveling and in the end a Death Knight leveling guide will only make that which makes sense even easier.