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How to Farm WoW Gold the Easy Way
From:Internet      intime:2/10/2009

Not many players know how to farm WoW gold and many of them buy from the gold sellers. This is very wrong, you risk getting your account and hard work, banned, or worse, hacked. There are many ways on how to farm WoW gold and in this article I will describe a few of them.

The first way, is the one that everyone knows. The most preferred way to make gold, by all the players is the simple grinding on various mobs. This is a 100% profitable, meaning that you can only gain stuff and cash by grinding on mobs at various spots. There is pretty much nothing to lose doing this, except of course, if you are really bad at playing World of Warcraft and you die all the time, wasting your money on repairs. This also is time consuming, so if you are a casual player you probably won't have enough time to use this method to your advantage. All the four years of experience with World of Warcraft taught me that if you are grinding, it is best to do it for 2-3 hours at the time. The golden rule for grinding is LOOT EVERYTHING. Sell the trash loot and auction the worthy loot.

Another method is gathering. This involves mining and herbalism. Skinning and tailoring can partially be included in this category, but they need to go hand in hand with the grinding. All these can bring to any player a good deal of cash. To some players this is the answer on how to farm WoW Gold. To improve your gathering, always use an epic flying mount. This will double or triple your profits. Of course, an epic flying mount is expensive, but it is always a good investment.

As a third method, questing can be also named here. There are several clusters of daily quests in certain areas of the game, like the Isle of Quel'Danas, quests which can be completed in short time. The good thing for questing is that you will get raw cash by completing them, without being forced to sell anything at the Auction House. This is a good method to make WoW gold if you need just a couple of hundreds quickly, without waiting for any stuff to sell out at the Auction House.

The last method, maybe the best of all enumerated above is the Auction House manipulation. This consists in buying low and selling high. For some this is the easiest and fastest way but everyone who is doing this MUST know very well the supply and demand for their server. Not knowing this, will only make you lose money. It's actually like gambling.

By combinating all these four, you can easily gather enough cash to get what you need. In my opinion this is a good answer on how to farm WoW gold the easy way. I have managed to put together these methods of making cash by using a few professional WoW gold guides, made by experienced, hardcore players.