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World of Warcraft PvP - Fun For the PvE Player
From:Internet      intime:2/7/2009

Okay, so you're a PvE kind of person, me too for the most part. However, there's a fun and easy way to get PvP honor and other stuff if you're a high level character. It's called Wintergrasp and it's a battle zone in Northrend that's vitally important for all LVL 80s.

Let me explain WG for a minute. Every couple of hours Wintergrasp goes into battle mode. The portal opens up (always open for controlling side) and combatants rush in to take control of Wintergrasp.

If you're defending, you usually rush to man a cannon or hit the workshops. Here's the thing. Even if you hate PvP or aren't good at it (like me being a healer), you can have fun and get stuff.

Just make sure to as for invite when you're around the portal so you get into the raid party. If you're a healer on the attack, follow your team and heal em up. You don't need to kill people to get credit rolling in. If you're defending, get to a canon and light up the attackers.

Okay, here's why WG is so key. When your side (Alliance / Horde) controls Wintergrasp, you can collect shards in dungeons (any type) in Northrend. Regular instance bosses drop 1 shard, but heroics bosses drop 4, so that's 12+ shards per run.

You use these shards to buy stuff, such as the mammoth mount or JC recipes. There are also a couple WG dailies I do, which are cake. You basically run WG twice and get gold, extra honor and shards.

Bottom line, I didn't really care for PvP too much until I experienced Wintergrasp. It's a lot of fun and it's actually important. There's a reason to control it. BTW, if you're still leveling and your side controls Wintergrasp, you'll enjoy a nice 5% experience gain buff.

World of Warcraft leveling is super easy. I have multiple level 80s and didn't spend day and night getting them there.