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How to Farm Gold In WOTLK - Easy Way to Riches!
From:Internet      intime:2/6/2009

WOW is an awesome game and you can see this as world wide there is over 10 million players. Also there has been a new update released that is has expanded the game universe even more called WOTLK.

What this has done though is totally changed the way that people make gold on WOW and the auction house and the items that used to work well have changed due to the update.

So How Do You Farm Gold In WOTLK?

Well there are a few new ways that you can make gold in WOTLK and the fundamentals stay the same to use the AH and find items that are cheap and then sell them for more. Alot of people that put items on the AH do not understand how much they are worth and this means that you can bag a bargain and then make a tidy profit as well.

Also if you find cloth remember to put that up on the AH as that sells very well!

Of course if you want to know how to make gold fast then you should get a guide that tells you about all the spots you should go to and also you should start some professions as well because then you will see the gold start rolling in.

You should make sure that if you are getting a guide for WOTLK that it is written by a player that has some proof that they are making lots of gold and also they should offer you some support as well in case you get stuck or need any help.

The fact is you need gold to get further in WOW so the time is to start making it now and earning gold for your mount later on in the game!