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Paladin Horde Leveling
From:Internet      intime:2/6/2009

Start controlling your realm and finally get the level you have always hoped for. For most players all you need is a higher level character to start being the man. Read my free paladin horde leveling guide and get your paladin stronger then ever!

Speccing your paladin is unique from speccing other classes. Most classes focus on one or two talents but a paladin can come up with any combination of the three and make something great. Think about what kind of paladin you want to be and add talents accordingly. You have holy, protection, and retribution to choose from.

Another part of this paladin horde leveling guide talk about where the heck to level. Now that we got you specced out lets choose where to go level as a horde. First, it's best to do all the quest you can do up to level 30. Then you will be able to grind level at Shimmering Flats but be sure you do Scarlet Monastery and Shimmering Flats quests. Then you go level 34-35 at Desolace doing kill quests and grinding on the centaurs. At level 36 you can go to the Swamp of Sorrows and grind there until you hit level 40. Now you can grind the elementals at Badlands Rock so go do that, stay there until you hit level 43. Now it's a good time to go to Tanaris and do the Wastewater and Field Testing quests. You can also grind the bandits while you are there. when you're level 44 the Ogre Ruins is good to grind until level 48.

Then you can go to Tanaris to grind the Dunemaul Ogres up to level 52. Then go level 52-54 on the Firegut Orgres in Burning Steppes, they are very easy to kill and give nice XP. After level 54 Winterspring is the sweet spot to grind. The second you level up to 58 go to the Outlands, through the dark portal and you find hundreds of quests there that you can do to level. Grind and quest to level 70 and go right to Northrend. Quest clumping and instances are the best way to level. You can do these right up to level 80. Many people have used this strategy and gotten level 80 in 4 weeks do you think you can do it?