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Warrior Horde Leveling
From:Internet      intime:2/5/2009

Wouldn't you like to know how the other guys level so quickly? After reading my horde warrior leveling guide you will get a power boost to finally get those much needed levels to dominate in battle. You will have everything from how to spec your warrior, to where and how to level as fast as possible.

First lets talk about speccing. Warriors focus mostly on fury as their main talent. It all depends what kind of warrior you want to be, but 18/33/0 and 9/31/11 are both good for leveling. 18/33/0 is more powerfull offensively and also gives some good pvp abilities(my personal favorite). 9/31/11 is also fairly strong offensively and gives more protection then the other build. These specs should provide the best results for leveling. Figure out your play style and go from there.

I bet now your asking ok where the heck do i go level?!? Keep in mind this strategy is warp speed leveling, it is not made for beginners. If you are a noob just starting you might want to take it slow, anyways let's get started. For starters you will want to do all the quests you can untill you get to level 30. Grinding is not good use of your time at these low levels. You can start grinding at level 30 but make sure to complete Scarlet Monastry and Shimmering Flats. Grind away at Shimmering Flats untill at least 34. Get a level or two at Desolace on kill quests and grinding on centaurs. level 36, time to go to the swamp of sorrows, grind there untill big level 40. Now grind elementals at Badlands Rock, do about 3 levels here. When you hit 43 go to Tanaris and do Watewater and Field Testing quests. Ferales has lots of grindable mobs, get to Isle of Dread when you hit 44. Another good spot in Ferales is is the Ogre Ruins. Level 48 go to the Tanaris and grind the Dunemal Ogres stay there untill level 52. Kill some Firegut Ogres in Burning Stepped they are pretty easy to kill to. Right when you ding to 58 you need to go to the Outlands (through dark portal). There will be hundreds of quests, do all the quests you can and complete them in clumps. When you hit level 70 you're in Northrend, quest clumping and instances are the best way to level. Some people that use this strategy make level 80 in 4 weeks, will you?

With this warrior horde leveling guide I am sure you can jumpstart your leveling and do better in battle. This is just a tidbit of knowledge I thought would help. Good luck on you're journey horde!