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The Best WoW Gold Guide - It is Really the Best?
From:Internet      intime:2/5/2009

Being a World of Warcraft adventurer myself, I have always been looking for the best WoW Gold Guide in order to get everything that gold can buy. With the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, the new expansion pack for the game, new demands have came into sight, like owning a 3 seats mammoth or a super mechano-chopper from engineering. Of course, these cost a lot of gold. Any player can eliminate the needs by getting their hands on the best WoW Gold Guide available.

Now, many players have been wondering how can they choose the best WoW Gold Guide. That is why I will reveal a few of the features of the high quality guides.

1. All the good guides must have the Auction House "gold mine" covered. A lot of gold can be pulled out by using the auction house correctly. Therefore, a good guide must tell you exactly what to sell, how to sell it and when to sell it. There are quite a few Auction House manipulation techniques. Only the good guides show them all.

2. The second aspect that the best WoW Gold Guide must cover is the description of the good spots existent in the game, how to get there and what to kill. This aspect is desired by many players and it is usually 100% profit.

3. The third feature makes a reference to the use of the gathering skills provided by the game. Using these professions at maximum, will certainly get you rich. Therefore, a WoW Gold Guide must focus on this problem as well describing good gathering paths and spots.

4. As you may know, a good deal of in game currency can be gained by doing daily quests. Some of the players prefer this to Auction House gambling or farming and like to get involved in questing so, a top WoW Gold Guide must concentrate on this aspect as well.