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Zygor Wow Leveling - 7 Tips to Speed Up the Leveling Process
From:Internet      intime:12/6/2008

Zygor Guides - could you possibly make it work any faster for you, or should that be can you improve the speed at which you level, whilst using Zygor Guides? Well you can't really get a Wow leveling path to follow that is any quicker than Zygors, so improving the guide is out the window. However you can improve your speed by changing the things you do in conjunction with the guide.

Wow fast Leveling is not actually that difficult, it basically requires that you follow a few rules. These are just a small selection of some of the things you should make sure you stick by and can, if your using Zygor Guides 1 to 80 Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide, get just that extra bit of juice from your already mind numbing leveling speed.

1. This I would say is one of the most important of all, believe it or not. The reason why the very top Wow fast leveling speed merchants go through the levels, is because they don't have to Alt-tab out of the game. They obviously know the game like the back of they're hand and can go from Zone to Zone, Quest to Quest with any character, knowing what quest chains to take etc. These guy never end up, at least during they're game time, Alt-tabbing out scouring thotbott or Wowhead. They're game time is spent 100% of the time playing, following the quickest and most time efficient path. There is a solution for those who find that they have to Alt tab out of the game constantly and i've supplied a link below for you.

2. Only do the Quests that are worth your while. There are so many quests within Wow, that many think that the best policy for Wow fast leveling is to do each and everyone. I mean it is now common knowledge that since certain patches have been applied to the game, that questing is by far the quickest route up the levels. But that's not exactly true. While questing is the quickest way to level in Wow, you also have to take into account the rewards versus for instance the travel time. A quest chain may give some good XP but the time it takes to travel to complete that quest chain or single quest, could off set the benefit of doing it. Wow fast leveling is all about maximizing your time and being efficient. Get a quest route or guide that is proven to maximize your time and travel efficiency. Those of you who are using Zygor Guides 1 to 80 Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide already have this sorted since the guide dumps the trash quests and only guides you to the ones that are beneficial.

3. Get your talents right. Talents mean everything and can make or break you in your Wow fast leveling. There are hundreds of different combinations. But if you are specifically looking at fast leveling in wow, you don't want to be for instance using a talent spec that is focused on PVP. So many people forget about they're talents or at least have no idea what ones are best for Leveling. Get your talents right and you will see a world of difference in the speed at which you level.

4. Do the quests that are relevant to your level. Don't be fooled into doing lower quests because you can complete them quicker or easier. Firstly you don't really learn how to play your wow character and how to handle awkward situations, but also you find that the XP you are rewarded with for all your running around etc is just not worth it.

5. Kill everything on your travels. A big mistake that many players make is to mount up and travel past mobs on they're journey to the next quest location. Big mistake, your leaving literally thousands of XP points on the table by doing this. You will find that the guys who are wow fast leveling experts, kill everything in they're path. Very often tripling the XP they gain on a simple quest run.

6. Don't travel via the roads. Yup you heard me, this follows on from number 5. I know it might be the quickest and safest way, but if you are able to handle the mobs in the zone your questing in, then as you travel to your next quest location via the quickest "off road route" your gonna bump into many guys and beasts that can earn you some extra juicy XP.

7. Make sure your equipment is up to spec. This doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune at the AH there are some nice drops that you will find, that will serve your purpose as you level.

These are just a few simple tips to follow as your Questing. But actually putting some of them into action is difficult, for instance no Alt-tabbing and leaving the game whilst playing. Where do I get my info to follow? Talents? What are the very best configurations for leveling? What are the best quests to complete and which to leave?

So many people playing World of Warcraft, just can't find a way to level any faster than what they have already achieved. That endgame content seems a far off destination that they won't see for maybe a few weeks or even for some a few months. How do those power levelers get to level 80 in such a short time.

Well believe it or not, it's not down to them being the best players. If you'd like to find out how to replicate exactly and how to level at the same speed as a pro then feel free to visit Zygors Guide 1 to 80 Alliance and Horde Guide. This is one solution that delivers in bundles.