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How to Get Your WoW Character to Level 80 Fast
From:Internet      intime:12/5/2008

If you want to know how to get your WoW character to Level 80 fast, you need to know what it is that slows players down in the first place. Here's a list of things to avoid whenever possible:

1. Doing one quest at a time. This is a killer, because you have to run back to quest giver or wherever you need to turn in your quests before you can start a new quest. This will at least double the amount of time spent traveling, which could otherwise be spent grinding or questing.

2. Criss-crossing areas to do quests. It is far more efficient to do quests in geographical order, again in order to minimize the travel time.

3. Dying! Yes, that sounds stupid, but it can be a bigger waste of time than you might realize. Some areas are huge and have graveyards only at the opposite end of where your corpse is. Not fun.

4. Not dying! Okay, that sounds even more stupid! But sometimes you can plan it to die right after finishing a quest in order to quickly return to the quest giver. Rez right at the graveyard, accept the penalty, and move on. This works best at lower levels when the penalties are no so severe.

5. Traveling to Auction Houses. This is a huge waste of time, as you can easily send your auctionable items to a bank alt. Your alt can also buy things on your behalf and send them to you.

6. Not having food and drink for your level. Sure, the food and drink you can buy might exceed the total health or mana that your character has, but remember that eating and drinking takes time. The higher level stuff will bring your health and mana back to maximum much faster, keeping your downtime to a minimum. And this really helps in situations where fast recovery is important, like escort quests.

7. Not knowing what to do next. You have to have a plan, or you will sitting around wondering what to do next!

8. Not having First Aid levels. You need to have different ways to heal, and you cannot use food and drink while in combat. First aid is indispensable, and makes a great backup in case you run out of food. Oh yeah...and don't run out of food, either!

9. Not resting. Logging off while in a city or an Inn doubles the amount of rest you get. This means you stay in a rested state for longer once you get back into combat, and you get double the XP while you are in rested state.

10. Choosing the wrong spec for your character. Whatever spec you intend to have for the end game (Levels 60, 70 or 80 depending on whether you have Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King), that spec may not be optimum for fast leveling. Pick a spec that allows you to burn through mobs quickly without any help, and then switch your spec once you reach your desired level.

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