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What Everybody Ought to Know Wow Warlock Gear
From:Internet      intime:12/5/2008

The Warlock class in World of Warcraft is very popular. This class does not focus as much on hand to hand combat but rather with powerful spells and DOT, that stands for Damage Over Time. The Warlock faction is also considered a pet class, as they are permitted to have a demon by their side. The Warlock clan does not do away with their prey in a swift manner. They prefer a very slow and painful death over a very long time.

Casting Distance is very important, as you begin to engage an enemy keep an eye on your action bar. The action bar is where you will store spells until they are used. As you move slowly towards an opponent the spells will change from red in color to white in color. Once the numbers have turned white you can begin attacking the enemy. This is commonly known as casting distance. Before you engage an enemy let your demon soften them up a bit.

At any time you can change your talent specialization and use an entirely different aspect of Warlock gear. The Warlock can choose between Demonology, Affliction and Destruction.

The Warlock pets can be very useful if they are used at the right time. The Imp is the first pet that Warlocks acquire. It is a good pet to learn with. Once the quest of the Imp is completed the spell is automatically added to the spell book. The Imp cannot be used in crowd control or tanking. The main ability of the Imp is bloodpact and from a grouping stand point the Imp adds DPS.

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