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Best WOTLK Acherus the Ebon Hold Tips - Wrath of the Lich King Easy Tips
From:Internet      intime:12/4/2008

Gaming world has never been better ever since the release         Wrath of the Lich King expansion is already available. Here are easy guide tips on what the Ebon Hold is about:

a. Death Knights Can be used when you reach level 55.

Even if You are in the Alliance or Horde, you need to be in the level 55 category to be able to play the DK's

b. Alistra, Amal'thazad, Lord Thorval - They are the trainers that will help you upgrade your skills.

c. Corpulus, Gangrenus and Master Siegesmith Corvus - They are the ones assigned for the player's Weapon repairs, new weapons or rejuvenation flasks.

d. Lich King - Will give the quest at the first stage.

e. Highlord Darion Mograine - Leader of the New Dk's that will kill the lich king

f. Baron Rivendare - the Death knight level 62 Leader, which new styles and specialties are given.

These easy tip guides are the main topics to which the Acherus the Ebon Hold is all about. Gamers as they played the Wow for the past 4 years know that Acherus The Ebon Hold once belonged to the horde and when a battle took place between great paladin Fording and won it over against the lich king, then the hold became the headquarters for the knights.
When you start the game in the archerus, you will also find out that no fights will ever happen since the place is a holy place which fighting is not allowed.

Death Knights are among the strongest character there is to which you need to know the WOTLK Acherus Ebon Hold Tips even more that what these article is giving you. To be ahead of others means you must have lesser mistakes.