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Beginner Outland Guide
From:Internet      intime:11/19/2008

The first steps into outlands are often confusing for many people, the general chat will no doubt be flooded with questions. I thought I would outline the first few things some people might miss when they first step through the Dark Portal! Hopefully this will help you make sure you don't miss anything, making the initial day fun and exciting!

To start, lets reveal the location of the Dark Portal for those who don't know:

It's Here:

1) Get the first flight path. When you first come out of the portal, you will be at the top of some stairs with much commotion, and some elite demons and all kinds of crazyness! Relax, and look to the right of the stairs. There is a flight master there, that will let you fly to Thrallmar, our first quest hub. It's great there, lots of quests!

2) Once you land, update your trade skills.
Cooking is available from the chef behind the inkeeper (buy a book, about 1g) and all the other main trade skills can be updated there! If you want JC you will have to go to the undercity and get a teleport from a blood elf in the main courtyard and learn it in the Blood Elf main city.

3) Go to Faclon's Rest. Faclon's rest is where you buy the books for First Aid. You will need some runecloth to skill up to 330 so you can learn netherweave bandages. You might want to stock up a little now, you only need about 80 Runecloth to skill up.

4) Ride to Shattrath City. It's a bit of a ways but its important. Go west to Zangarmarsh, then South to Nagrand and then East to Shattrath. Shattrath has a flight path, and most importantly permanent portals to the major cities in the center! So you can bind in the outlands and just fly there whenever you need to run back to Org or the UC.

5) You're good to go now! You can fly back to Thrallmar and you begin questing!


Hellfire Ramparts is the first instance, but otherwise you can start level'ing, and get 61 or 62 fairly quickly. Many mobs give Thrallmar faction. Some of the quests ask you to go to Spinebreaker Outpost, it's not on the map, but its located here.

Earn marks of Thrallmar by capturing the three locations (there is a quest) or by killing alliance at those locations. Each kill automatically gives you 1 mark! These marks can be exchanged in thrallmar for gear, but also in Zabra'jin, a later quest hub in Zangarmarsh, so don't stop saving them up just cus you have all the stuff from Thrallmar.

Back in Nagrand, near the middle, is a ruined arena. There is a goblin there that sells team charters for the Arena, that's important to me, and probably many of you. The charters are currently 50g for each bracket.

Hopefully this helps out. I'll start work on another post soon, probably about Jewel Crafting. Let me know if you guys have any questions or requests for posts. Instance zones? Class specific stuff? What would you like to know!


Your Imbedded Reporter from across the Dark Portal