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5 Fantastic Gold Farming Spots in the World of Warcraft
From:Internet      intime:11/18/2008

The         World of Warcraft is populated by many gold farming spots where players can spend some time to earn some cash they can use for the many things that the game requires. Some of these spots can be found in the old world of Azeroth, but most of the more "profitable" destinations can be found in the Outlands. Here are 5 such spots, gathered straight from the pages of the bestselling gold farming guides today.

1. Air elementals at Shadowmoon Valley. This is, by far, my most favorite place amongst the gold farming spots we will be discussing. There is a circular area between the Sanctum of the Stars, Dragonmaw Fortress and the Ruins of Karabor called the Netherwing Fields. This area is known for fast-spawning air elementals. Just trek this area and you can kill around 10 air elementals in one lap. By the time you're ready for your second lap, the air elementals would've respawned already. Gather as much motes of air you can loot. You can probably collect 30 in an hour, which is equivalent to 3 primal airs, or about 90g once sold at the AH! This area in Shadowmoon Valley is quoted many times in many of the bestselling gold farming guides out in the market.

2. Skin some cobra scales. Cobra scales can only be skinned from cobras that spawn in one area - Coilskar Point in Shadowmoon Valley. There are 4 cobras outside the cave, and around 8 inside the cave. A piece of cobra scale can be sold for as much as 50g in some servers, though the average seemsto be pegged at 32g. Nevertheless, this would be easy money for anyone who is a level 375 skinner and has the patience to wait for respawns.

3. Void creatures in Nagrand. There is a place in Nagrand called the Spirit Fields, which is a big land mass surrounding a gigantic crystal planted in the ground. This area is populated by a lot of void creatures that drop motes of shadow. 10 motes of shadow will form a primal shadow, which is easily worth 23g in many servers. Because of the sheer number of void creatures in the Spirit Fields, this area ranks highly in any list of gold farming spots enumerated by the popular gold farming guides today.

4. Elemental Plateau. Now what level 70 player doesn't know about the Elemental Plateau at the edge of Nagrand, just above the Throne of the Element? This small, compact area is famous for two things: first as home to the four different types of elementals dropping four different types of motes with the exception of shadow and mana; and second as a favorite spot for gankers, kill stealers, and verbal fights, what with the perennial race to tag a respawning elemental. Of all the gold farming spots in the World of Warcraft, the Elemental Plateau is by far the richest, albeit, consistently crowded by level 70 characters - even at 3 in the morning!

5. Mana Wraiths in Netherstorm. Again, one of the most popular gold farming spots mentioned by gold farming guides is Netherstorm, particularly the area around Area 51 where many mana wraiths reside. Mana wraiths drop motes of mana, 10 of which can be converted to primal mana and can be sold for as much as 25g.

Indeed, gold farming guides won't be complete without mentioning the popular gold farming spots we have enumerated above. Experiencing financial difficulties in this MMORPG? Simply visit any of the gold farming spots above and you're sure to solve your financial woes after an hour or two of grinding and diligent looting!