WoW Powerlevel: Enemy Behavior in Combat

2009 - 3 - 25

As others MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-play games), World of Warcraft lets players gather WoW experience to advancement. Therefore, WoW experience is basic for wow powerleveling. General speaking, there are many ways to complete wow powerleveling in the game. Players can do quests, missions, go to PvP server and join combat and all these can help players to enjoy WoW Power leveling. The enemies you encounter in World of Warcraft, both human and computer-controlled (monsters or creatures) could give players WoW experience and WoW gold and will exhibit a variety of behaviors during combat that you should be prepared to handle. Some of these are unique to either human or computer-controlled opponents.

Spell and Ability Resists
Every time you use a spell or ability on an enemy, such as a Mage's Frostbolt or a Priest's Psychic Scream, there is a chance that it will be resisted. When resisted, an enemy either completely negates (fully resists) or partially negates (partially resists) the attack. The level of your enemy in relation to yours is one of the main factors governing resists. Enemies of higher level than yours have a higher chance to resist your spells and abilities. Inherent resistances, such as fire resistance, will increase the chance that spells of that type will be resisted. However, having more of certain character attributes such as Spell Penetration will reduce your target's resistances, lowering the chance that your spells are resisted. Actually, we advice players to fighting with some lower level than yours so that you can get World of Warcraft gold easily.

Spell Interruption
If you are attacked while casting a spell, there is a chance that your spell will be interrupted. When this occurs, your casting bar will be seen to "roll back" slightly, lengthening the time it takes to successfully cast the spell. Some classes have talents that reduce the chance that their spells will be interrupted, and a Paladin's Concentration Aura has this effect as well. Spells are very useful in the combat. It could give your hands to getting WoW money and WoW power leveling not buy wow powerleveling in the website.

Enemy Immune
Some enemies will be completely immune to the spell or ability you are using against it - if so, you will see "immune" display over the enemy. This means the enemy cannot be harmed by whatever ability you are attempting to use. It is possible that this immunity is only temporary, and/or only to a particular type of magic (such as Fire or Frost), particular effect (such as Fear or Polymorph), or damage type (physical or magic). For instance, some monsters have the ability to cast a temporary anti-magic shield on themselves.

Fleeing Enemies
Humanoid and certain other types of enemies often run when they are about to die. In some cases, such as the infamous murlocs, they will run for help. However, you can stop them from fleeing with the aid of abilities and spells designed for that purpose - or simply kill them before they can get far. Examples of abilities and spells that have a snaring or rooting effect include Engangle, Frost Nova, Hamstring, and Earthbind Totem. These abilities are also effective against human opponents who try to flee in PvP engagements.