WoW Powerleveling: Hunters Information Guide

2009 - 3 - 24

Hunters are a special class in World of Warcraft. Why do we say “special”? Because of the attack of hunters are almost basic of their pets. If they don’t have strength pets they maybe lose life or can’t get WoW gold and WoW experience (WoW power-leveling). If player is a man who hopes to enjoy combat, make more World of Warcraft gold and do WoW powerleveling fast, we don’t suggest you to choose the hunters. But the hunters still have much good excellence. Today we will talk about pets and skills effectively.

Pets - A Hunter's Best Friend
Hunters primarily use their pet as a tank when engaging in PvE, but in PvP your pet is used for pure damage, since taunting doesn't work against PCs. PvE and PvP are basic ways to gather WoW gold and WoW experience (it is necessary for WoW power level). With this in mind, I'd advise getting a pet that is high in DPS, NOT armor, unless you plan to never engage in PvP, which would be a very hallow existence indeed! Generally, pets that have higher armor (like turtles) only have about 10% more armor than pets with higher DPS (like cats). Pets with a high DPS, on the other hand, have a 20% higher DPS than those with more armor. So either your pet lives 10% longer but does 20% less damage, or your pet lives 10% shorter but does 20% more damage. That might be getting too technical for some, but overall, I'd recommend a higher DPS pet in any situation, even PvE. Also remember to check out the links at the bottom to find the pet that's perfect for you! In fact, it is difficult to gather wow experience and WoW gold so that we advice players to buy WoW powerleveling and WoW money in here that are cheap one.

Utilizing Your Skills Effectively
Conserving your mana and using your skills in the most effective manner is key to winning any PvP battle. Nothing is worse that being in the heat of battle and suddenly running out of mana! Keep in mind that most of the Hunter's skills are instant, meaning you can use them on the move. Jumping and turning around to use a skill is very popular and very effective among Hunters. Despite the fact that you have to be standing still to use your Auto Shot, blasting an opponent with Serpent Sting and Concussive Shot can give you the needed advantage. Concussive Shot is much more useful in PvP than PvE, especially when fighting a primarily melee characteryou’re your character is hunter, we don’t agree with you that play solo because of it is no benefits for players gain WoW rewards and do WoW power level. Serpent Sting is devastating against classes with low HP, I can't count how many times a Rogue or Mage has run away from me only to meet their maker at the hands of Serpent Sting. Rapid Fire is very effective also if your opponent decides to concentrate on your pet or is affected by Concussive Shot. Remember, and I can't stress this enough, jumping and turning around to use an ability is one of the most effective techniques Hunters have. Once you get the hang of it, you can even jump, turn around, use ability, and turn back around to continue running! The easiest way of doing this is to hold the right mouse button to turn quickly, as using the keyboard is much too slow.

Some Hunters also have a habit of "spamming" shots, or using abilities when they aren't needed. I often see Hunters using Concussive Shot and Serpent Sting when either it's already in effect, or it's simply not needed. The only ability you should be using constantly is Arcane Shot, as it does damage. Concussive shot is useful for slowing your opponent, and Serpent Sting should be kept on the target constantly, but it lasts 15 seconds, so you don't need to use it everytime it's available! Rather, reapply it only when needed.